Welcome to Fall!!

On campuses across the nation, Fall classes are underway. It’s an exciting time of year, with the tranquil beauty of the campus buildings, trees and flowers, and quiet settings being transformed with the lively activities of new and returning students. This is actually what college campuses are meant for – vibrant lives with students, faculty and staff engaging with one another, all within the surroundings of buildings old and new, pleasant walkways, gathering places, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

With this start of a new academic year, what does this mean for you? In what ways will you be transformed and vibrant? What opportunities await you? What are some new activities or organizations with which you can become involved? Are there some groups, whether formal or informal, with which you have previously been involved, yet no longer provide the same inspiration or support for you, or that no longer seem right for you? Similarly, are there some groups about which you’ve been curious in the past? Maybe now is the time to change some of these for yourself.

As you think about opportunities, think also about challenges. What can you learn from your past experiences, and where would you like to improve? If you’re returning to campus, transferring from another school, or are a new student, what is it that needs enhancement? How are your study skills, writing capabilities, time management, or stress reduction techniques – do any or all of these need some work? If so, take advantage of the resources that exist – this may be with specific campus offices, or by some self-direction (see the relevant topic here with this COMPASS resource); it can also be through just reaching out to a faculty/staff member, advisor, mentor, or trusted friend, and seeking their guidance.

The opportunities and challenges are here; most important are the resources surrounding you to help this journey be fruitful and positive. The rest of all of this is up to you – making good choices and maximizing these opportunities for yourself to be as successful as possible.

Best wishes for a spectacular beginning of this new year’s journey!

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