Transitions and Renewals

With the end of the semester in hand, it's time for transitions. For some students, that means graduation!! That’s such an exciting time, with the graduation ceremony representing a culminating experience after years of long hours and hard work. Congratulations to all who have achieved this significant goal!!

For those returning next semester, the transition also includes movement from the fast-paced life in the academic setting to something different, at least for a month. It's a time to relax, get refreshed in body and mind, and enjoy different activities, whether than is work, socialization, culture, reading, sleep, and/or travel.

For all of us, this time is a transition into the holiday season - a festive time of year with various religious celebrations and lots of activities and socializing occurring.

Also, this time of year marks the transition to a New Year. This is a time for reflection and, potentially making new plans for 2015. Many people make resolutions, and then seek to honor them. This year, try to be reasonable and appropriate with your plans for the upcoming year. Definitely take stock of where you are with various aspects of your life, and think about new directions in which you’d like to head. While it’s fine to dream, and to dream big, try also to be reasonable and appropriate.

How does this relate to COMPASS? The design of COMPASS is based on the idea of the resolutions often made on New Year’s Day. With COMPASS, a new topic appears each day, with the same date for a topic every month (December 17 is Mental Health, as is January 17, February 17 and so on). This is orchestrated in this way because efforts to make personal improvements are never really completed. The Looking Back and Moving Ahead worksheets for each topic provide the opportunity to reflect upon life with regard to the day’s topic, as well as make some plans that can be achieved in the near future. One of your own New Year’s resolutions could be to check out COMPASS every day, take stock of your own life on that day’s topic, and decide to make some small improvements or enhancements.

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season and New Year!

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