Sexual Decision-Making

About 400,000 students report engaging in unprotected sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and 97,000 students are victims of alcohol related sexual assault or rape. The numbers are staggering. Be informed, sober and make mutual decisions when agreeing to have sex. Are you comfortable talking about sex with your partner? What feelings does sex bring up in you?

" If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

Mother Theresa

Looking Back:
A Self-Reflection

Have you had sex? Why or why not?

Check out our worksheet.

Quiz Ideas

  • Do you really know about sex? Are you ready to test your knowledge? Take this quiz to find out.
  • How much do you know about hooking up in college? Take this quiz to improve your knowledge you're your experience.

Moving Ahead:
The Challenge

How can you stay informed about sex and sexual decisions?

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Campus Resources

  • Wellness, Alcohol, and Violence Education and Services
    WAVES helps students make healthy, safe choices and encourage lifelong, thoughtful healthy decision-making through individualized support, creative, programming, and evidence-based education and outreach. They help students feel empowered and have the capacity to grow to their full potential and reach optimal wellness and well-being. WAVES offers information on alcohol including staying sober, sober rides, safer drinking, talking to others about their alcohol use and more.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    CAPS provides a wide range of free services to students, which are provided by a staff of professional clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors, learning specialists, and psychiatric providers. They offer individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, and outreach programs, as well as other resources.
  • Student Health Services
    Student Health Services provides high quality health care, counseling, health education and prevention services to George Mason University students. From diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, to women’s and men’s health, to immunizations and prescriptions, Student Health Services is available to all Mason students with clinics at Fairfax, Arlington and Science and Technology Campuses. There is no charge to be seen by one of our healthcare providers. There are nominal fees for treatments, and supplies.

Additional Resources

  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance
    VSDVAA is a non-profit agency dedicated to raising awareness about sexual and domestic violence. By increasing public access to resources and services, offering opportunities for professional development, and initiating legislative and policy change, VSDVAA hopes to bring Virginia closer to a world where relationships between people are respectful, healthy, and safe.
  • Planned Parenthood
    Planned Parenthood strives to provide comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services; to advocate for these rights and ensure access to such services; to provide educational programs which enhance understanding of individual and societal implications of human sexuality; to promote research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care, and encourage understanding of their inherent bioethical, behavioral, and social implications.
  • Sexual Health
    The Sexual Health Network is dedicated to providing easy access to sexuality information, education, mutual support, counseling, therapy, healthcare, products and other resources including people with disabilities, illness, or natural changes throughout the lifecycle and those who love them or care for them.
  • The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
    RAINN is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization operating the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE that carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims, and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. Inside, you'll find statistics, counseling resources, prevention tips, news and more.
  • The Center for Young Women’s Health
    The Center for Young Women's Health recognizes the urgent need for education, clinical care, research, and health care advocacy for young women. They are committed to improving the health and well being of adolescent girls by educating and empowering them for sexual decision-making.
  • American Sexual Health Association
    ASHA promotes the sexual health of individuals, families and communities by advocating sound policies and practices and educating the public, professionals and policy makers, in order to foster healthy sexual behaviors and relationships and prevent adverse health outcomes. This site offers information, tips, resources, tools, and more about sexual health.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    The CDC works to protect America from health diseases that start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack. They offer research, facts, statistics, and more on sexual decision-making and its consequences.