The Spring season is well upon us now. Every day provides new inspiration, with continuous changes in the beauty of the campus and the surrounding area. One day, it’s the daffodils with their bright and pale yellow colors; then it’s the tulips, with a range of colors. The forsythia shows its yellow glory, before it transitions to green for the rest of the season. The Cherry Blossoms surrounding the Tidal Basin in Washington recently reached their peak, and we still see evidence of their beauty throughout the region. The Flowering Dogwood trees are emerging with their white and pink flowers – how beautiful these are as the state tree for Virginia. Further, we are about to see the azaleas pop with their glorious colors. Certainly, this natural beauty can be quite inspiring.

Thinking about your own life, what is it that you find inspiring? What motivates you? What are you doing to keep inspired and empowered? From where do you draw your energy, your inspiration, your passion, and your drive? Do you find it in nature, such as with the changing scenery identified above? Do you find it with being a college student, generally, or being a first generation college student (one-third of Mason students are!)? How about with your family, your heritage, your background? Or, do you find it with your volunteer activities or involvement with a club or organization, or with an athletic, club sport or intramural team? Do you get inspired by the good works of others, or the acts of kindness you see around you? Or, do you get inspired by quotes, such as those that pop up every time you refresh a page on COMPASS?

As you move through upcoming weeks, consider two things. First, what inspires you? Second, what is it that you do (or could do) to inspire others? With each of these, try to be even more intentional with your efforts – continue to draw inspiration to stay renewed and refreshed, and continue to provide inspiration to nurture those around you. These thoughts, while circular, can grow and reinforce life in positive and sustainable ways.

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