Spring has Sprung!

The winter season is about gone, even though we still have some cool nights and chilly mornings. Spring is here, with blossoms appearing and buds showing themselves on the trees. Soon, we’ll see the colors of flowers appearing, as well as the various shades of green appearing on the trees.

Just as the seasons are now changing, what changes are in store for you? Mason hosted two Health and Fitness Expo events over the past weeks; one on the Fairfax campus and one on the Science and Technology Campus. If you went to either or both of these, what did you learn from the presence of the variety of displays and interactions? What was new for you, and perhaps even was a contrast to what you have heard in the past? What made you think in a different way about your exercise activities, your nutrition, and your health overall? What topics or issues were highlighted that made you want to do some more research or study?

These events are always a highlight for Mason, as they emphasize, all in one setting, ways in which each of us can grow, even just a little, in some new ways. It’s nice to have this type of inspiration so we can renew our commitment to continued growth. These help us invest in our own future, to be just a little bit healthier and a little bit more fit.

Whether or not you made it to the Expos this year, the important issue revolves around what you can change, just as the seasons are changing, regarding various dimensions of your health? These may include your physical health, your emotional health, your intellectual health, your interpersonal health, your spiritual health, and any other part of your health. Small steps are fine – when you put together a series of small steps, they join together to become larger accomplishments, and perhaps can even take on the characteristics of a habit or a more permanent trait.

Best wishes in your own transitions, toward better health and fitness.

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