As the middle of February approaches, many of our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to remember those who are special to us – and we can do that in any of a variety of ways: with a card, with flowers, with sweets, or with a special gift. We typically do this for our significant other – our boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. That’s all great, and important to do on this annual celebratory day.

Even with this, some other perspectives are also important. One is that we should do these special acts of kindness throughout the year; a day like Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or an anniversary each represents perfect times to let these special others know how we feel. However, why not do this at other times of the year? Why not say something special, or do something special, at another time – “just because.” Another perspective is that this outreach with your positive feelings doesn’t have to be limited to your significant other – how about doing the same for a parent, a sibling, a special friend, or someone who did something special for you?

A further perspective has to do with helping build good, quality relationships throughout your life. This can be with a friend or roommate or classmate or teammate; it can also be with someone more casual, such as an acquaintanceship, someone you run into around campus, or someone with whom you are standing in line with at a store. The point is that it is helpful to promote quality relationships with all sorts of people in your life.

As you look at the COMPASS website, you’ll see that one of the seven thematic areas is Relationships; it has several different topics, such as interpersonal relationship, assertiveness, and etiquette. Enjoy these topics, and enjoy celebrating your relationships with others!!

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