Happy New Year!

With the New Year and new semester underway, it's time to take stock of a few things. First, having transitioned into 2015, think back to 2014. What is it that you were particularly proud of, and what areas of your life would you like to improve upon? Both of these are important, as you progress with your life. You may have made some resolutions for this New Year; if not, it’s never too late! Be sure that it's manageable and appropriate for you.

With this new semester is moving along, how is it going for you? Are you making good progress? Are you up-to-date on assignments and readings, and well prepared for classes (or even ahead with some)? How about your other activities – have you gotten involved in some campus activities, whether an organization or club, a sport, or even some one-time things happening on campus? How's your activity level with exercise? And, have you taken advantage of some of the many things this region has to offer, such as a visit to a local museum, or a day hike in the Shenandoah Valley?

As you make plans for the semester, look through this COMPASS website. Pick a topic – it could be the topic of the day, or something else of interest. With each topic, you can take a quiz, complete a self-assessment, do a brief reading prepared by a Mason faculty or staff member, or set a plan for some adjustments in the weeks and months to come.

Certainly, lots of options exist for you. It's a New Year and a new semester – with lots of options and opportunities awaiting you. Enjoy!!

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